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untitled_01.jpg (50kb) untitled_02.jpg (58kb) untitled_03.jpg (39kb) untitled_04.jpg (21kb) untitled_05a.jpg (51kb)
untitled_06.jpg (38kb) untitled_07.jpg (28kb) untitled_08.jpg (46kb) untitled_09.jpg (34kb) untitled_10.jpg (50kb)
untitled_11.jpg (22kb) untitled_12.jpg (49kb) untitled_13.jpg (28kb) untitled_14.jpg (21kb) untitled_15.jpg (19kb)


Click on the thumbnails to see the collages enlarged.

The earliest of these collages were made in 1989: untitled 1-3 and 10 (reading left to right, the numbers are only to distinguish individual pieces in this group), which were made on the black backs of 11 X 14 film boxes. They were shown at George Eastman House in 1991, and given to Princeton University (if memory serves me).


All collages © Frederick Sommer. Used with permission.

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