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  12 on 14 for book design, photo restoring, fine art printing
  Book Design an explanation about book desing and a link to
  Certificate of Authenticity see a sample CoA, which is required by law in several states
  Comments comments from visitors
  Copyright & Infringement the issue of infringement as it relates to collage
  Cut & Paste Collage a rough draft of a 13 page article in PDF on digital collaging
  Framing and Conservation brief guide to conservation issues for storage, display and framing
  Frederick Sommer see pages on Luiz Felizardo's book Frederick Sommer.
  Guarantee guarantee for online print orders
  High Resolution Downloads information on high resolution downloads
  Materials and Print Quality a description of materials used for prints
  One-Off Press a small Print-On-Demand press
  Pricing Policy general pricing policy regarding prints, edtions, sizes, etc.
  Privacy Policy a statement regarding the Site's privacy policy
  Process Demonstration a two-part demonstration of compositing images
  Product Links and Information a list of products and companies with addresses and links
  Résumé experience and education
  Reviews text of major reviews
  Selected Works, 1982-2005 PDF of 80 selected pieces made between 1982-2005
  Shipping and Handling shipping and handling information
  Site Map a list of major Site pages with link to them
  Skeptical Environmentalist comments and links regarding this important controversy
  Terms and Conditions the terms and conditions of use of site, images and text
  Zimmermann & Clark a review of a photographic project by Andrew Zimmermann & Everitt Clark


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